Cosmetic, Family and Emergency Dentist In Oakville The Tooth Fairy Dentistry

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our dental practice’s website. Our dental clinic, located in Oakville, ON, is committed to providing you with quality dental care.  We service Oakville and its surrounding areas with family, cosmetic and emergency dental services including but not limited to amalgam-free fillings(white fillings), extractions including wisdom teeth extractions with or without nitrous sedation, dental implants, dentures, porcelain veneers, bridges, mouth guards, bad breath treatment, gingival surgery, dental cleanings, braces, invisible aligners, retainers, mouth guards and sleep apnea mouth apliances.

If you are facing the prospect of dental pain or poor oral health, you need a dentist to help reestablish your oral health and help you maintain the results.  The Tooth Fairy Dentistry has a team of senior and junior dentists working at our first clinic located in Oakville, making us the first clinic located in Oakville to be available after hours for emergency care.  We are available on call on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7am to 10pm.


Everyone at the practice practices family, cosmetic and emergency dentistry.  This means we have a profound understanding of all aspects of mouth rehabilitation, pain control, smile makeovers and much more.  Hundreds of patients have benefited from our advice based on over ten years of experience in the dental care.  We take pride in our attempt to provide you with as much attention and support as you need during this process.  We try to take all necessary steps to ensure your needs are met in the most professional and helpful way.  The clinic's dentists can also advise you on the processes before and during the process of treatment.  Our job is to provide you with the best treatment as well as practical advice during a time which can be a very bad experience to many dealing with pain and stress.  It is critical that we do the best job we can for our patients because the outcome of any treatment for your teeth and oral cavity in general will have a great effect on how your chewing abilities function besides a detrimental effect on someone's self esteem.

Developing and maintaining a close working relationship with each patient has been the cornerstone of our practice since our founding in 2014.  Patients are provided early with an evaluated view point of what they are looking for and what are the options to solve the problem so that they have realistic expectations of the final outcome.  We do our best to ensure patients are continuously informed of the progress of their case, via consultations and phone calls.  We aim to forward to our patients a clear picture of what is happening in their mouth.  We aim to return telephone calls and e-mails promptly.  When time matters and the patient's regular dentist is unavailbale, another dentist might be assigned to the case in an emergency, or short notice.

We try to offer a stress free environment, based on experience on how to deal with the issues of poor oral health, pain and smile appearance.  The Tooth Fairy Dentistry has an enviable record of success doing thousands of procedures in an efficient, effective and low stress manner.  Our humble yet elegant and calm atmosphere is geared to provide patients with a high level of comfort.  Many patients have actually fallen asleep while being treated on our dental chairs and have mentioned that the procedure was painless.  Scents, fumes, candles and a water fountain are an adjunct to this ambiance.  Furthermore, the reception area does offer magazines, water, a wide range of teas, teasanes and movies for all ages, and it is handcap accessible as well.

Dr. Marcelina Benedito is the founder and principal dentist at our practice.  She has a natural interest in cosmetics.  All areas of dentistry motivates her to continuously update her knowledge in the field through seminars. Our state of the art technology in digital radiography (digital x-rays) and a competent staff will be there to assist you in making the visit to the dentist no longer something you try to avoid but rather, a pleasure. Therefore, we improve your teeths’ functionality as well as a smile that can finally be what was meant to be.

We are located at a new plaza by Cornwall and Chartwell, right by Harper's Landing restaurant where the Longos grocery store is.  There is ample parking space and, if not driving, you can also arrive by bus because the Oakville GO train station is only a few minutes away.

Services are provided in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Punjabi.  Direct billing to most dental providers is accepted, and you are only responsible for the the fee not covered under your plan.  We also provide financing when necessary.