Amalgam-Free Dentistry - Oakville

The Tooth Fairy Dentistry offers amalgam-free dentistry. That would mean we no longer use the dark silver-like fillings of the past.  The new replacements are either tooth coloured or gold in nature.  Teeth colored restorations can be made chair side on the spot from a resin based material, which nowdays lasts an average length of ten years.  This restoration is only used if less than 50% of the tooth structure is missing.  When a larger amount of the tooth needs to be replaced, than the alternatives are either porcelain restorations, gold, or other metal alloys which are fabricated in a laboratory outside of our clinic.  Restorative dentistry is meant to salvage or recover your organic teeth in order to return your mouth back to its fully functional status, as well as to ameliorate its overall look. Restorative procedures can help to sustain your smile with a variety of treatments stemming from a requisite for simple fillings and crowns to more complex treatments requiring root canal therapy or even teeth replacement. No matter what stage of restorative care your teeth require, we can offer solutions, and we can accomodate an appointment that fits your schedule.



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