Root Canal Therapy Oakville, ON

Root canal therapy, occasionally just called a root canal, is a type of dental procedure which treats infected or damaged dental pulp. It is often recommended to patients who have received significant damage to the tooth which exposes the tooth’s pulp to bacteria.
Dental pulp is the substance within the tooth and is responsible for helping the tooth develop in its early stages. Dental pulp also provides nutrients to the tooth to ensure its health. If damage, disease, or decay reaches the dental pulp it has the risk of causing significant damage to the tooth’s structure and causing additional pain.
The dentist will put a dental dam surrounding the tooth to prevent bacteria from your mouth from coming into unnecessary contact and complicating the procedure. You will likely be given a local anaesthetic to reduce the sensation of pain that is felt during the procedure. Suitable patients can also be given other types of sedation based on their personal needs.
The procedure involves your dentist in Oakville using a specialised tool to enter through the structure of the tooth while also removing any diseased pulp. The incision is then filled with a dental supplement to reduce the risk of harmful pockets forming in exposed areas. The procedure itself is typically done in one session, but it will likely take multiple appointments to properly complete the task.
Once the procedure is complete, the dentist will likely give you a dental fixture similar to a crown to cover the opening. This depends on the amount of the tooth’s structure that had to be removed during the procedure.
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Last Updated On 2019-06-19