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What is MTM® Clear•Aligner?

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MTM® Clear•Aligner is developed by DENTSPLY International, a global leader with over 100 years of history in providing quality dental and orthodontic products. MTM® Clear•Aligner is a custom-fit, virtually undetectable and cost-effective way to straighten your teeth without the complication of traditional braces. This treatment method is based on a proven technique in use for over a decade to correct many typical misalignment cases at a fraction of the time and cost of many other aligner or bracket treatments.

Properly aligned teeth contribute to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, and can help prevent more serious health problems from arising. Misaligned teeth can lead to stress on the jaw muscles and excessive wear of the enamel, negatively affecting the long-term health of the teeth and their supporting bone structure. Crowded or gapped teeth can be difficult to care for and can lead to periodontal disease with associated gum and bone loss and in some cases, the possible loss of one or more teeth.

The MTM® Clear•Aligner Treatment Process in a Nutshell

Assessment and Consultation

Your path to a healthy and beautiful smile begins with an initial comprehensive as- sessment by your dentist to determine if you are a good candidate for the MTM® Clear•Aligner treatment plan.

Submitting your case to begin the treatment process

If you are a good candidate for the MTM® Clear•Aligner, your dentist will take photos, X-rays and full impressions of your teeth and provide you with a customized treatment plan for the most optimal result.
Your custom fit clear aligners are made at Dentsply’s state-of-the-art service cen- ter located in North-America. By using the latest innovations in digital modeling and scanning technologies, a precise 3D model of your teeth is recreated to fabricate your customized aligner system. This will result in a personalized treatment plan based on your pre-existing condition to achieve the desired outcome.

How does MTM® Clear•Aligner work?

Each MTM® Clear•Aligner is custom fabricated with embedded integrated force points to progressively advance your teeth into their ideal position based on the proven orthodontic principle of space, time and force. These integrated force points placements inside the aligners are based your doctor’s treatment plan to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

What are the MTM® Clear•Aligner advantages?

No external attachments on the teeth - clear aligners with integrated force points The MTM® Clear•Aligners are fabricated with the integrated force points designed to apply the right amount of force to gradually move misaligned teeth to the right posi- tion. This eliminates the need for placing external attachments on the teeth surface commonly found on competing aligner systems, which may fall off or discolor during treatment process. This also results in reduced visit time as your doctor does not need to manually bond the external attachments on your teeth surface and is much more aesthetically pleasing.

Removable for optimum comfort and oral hygiene

The MTM® Clear•Aligners are easily removable when eating, flossing or brushing your teeth for optimum comfort and oral hygiene. Since there are no external attachments placed on the teeth surface, there are no risks of having them fall off during eating or your daily oral health care routine.

High Quality Plastics for your Aligners

MTM® Clear•Aligner uses only quality proprietary Essix® plastic developed by DENTSP- LY International which does not contain PVC or BPA and are manufactured for “con- tact clarity”, meaning they are almost invisible when applied to the teeth. Since 1994, Essix® has been the industry leader in making high quality plastics for the global den- tal and orthodontic markets.

Last Updated On 2019-06-19