Dental Crowns In Oakville, Ontario

At The Tooth Fairy Dentistry, we can provide services such as dental crowns to help cover the exterior of teeth that have received significant damage in the past. This is done to restore the structural integrity of the tooth
A dental crown can be composed of a variety of materials. In most cases, the option that a patient goes with is based off their personal preference. However, if you experience medical concerns such as allergic reactions to certain materials, you may not be an eligible candidate for certain types of procedure. The common types of crowns are composed of a metallic substance or amalgam-free materials.
We understand that the look of your mouth may play a factor into your decision for your procedure. However, we do hope that the decision you make is for your oral health while any aesthetic choice is secondary. Amalgam-free and metallic options can both be viable for an individual, depending on your circumstance. A dental crown is placed above the gumline and is designed to cover the entire visible surface of your tooth.
If the crown will be supplementing the existing structure of your tooth, then it is likely that we will have to reduce the tooth’s exterior to accommodate the dental fixture. However, this is not always a viable solution. If your tooth has received significant damage or decay which does not allow the structure to properly support a crown, this procedure will not be recommended.
A dental crown can also be placed over a dental implant in certain restorative procedures. This is often done to cap off the implant and give an additional chewing surface.
If you are concerned about the treatment or if you would like more information about what is involved, do not hesitate to consult a dental professional with your questions.
Our Oakville dentists are happy to provide you with a welcoming office to treat your oral health concerns. Our Brazilian dentists in Oakville are to help accommodate you and provide services that you can understand. If you would like to set up your appointment today, you can request an appointment online or contact us directly.
Last Updated On 2019-06-19