Amalgam-Free Dentistry in Oakville

Our Oakville dentists at The Tooth Fairy Dentistry can provide you with amalgam-free options to our dental procedures. These procedures utilize advancements in modern dentistry to provide more variety in the treatments that service your oral health.
Amalgam-free options are typically composed of a porcelain or composite resin and can be recoloured to more closely match the natural colouration of your teeth. If you are working to replace a previous amalgam treatment, it is likely that we can use amalgam-free options if requested. However, it is important to note that each patient’s situation is unique and some people may experience an adverse reaction to various materials used in dental procedures. If you are concerned about this chance, then you should discuss your options with an oral healthcare professional.
Depending on the extent of the procedure, some amalgam options are available chairside and can be provided within one sitting. Despite the fact that amalgam-free options do not have the metallic look of some other options, this should not be your only factor in the decision. Your aesthetic presentation should be secondary to your oral health.
There are many procedures that can be offered with amalgam-free options such as inlays & onlays, dental crowns, bridges, and veneers. Depending on your situation, we will gladly figure out your options in your first visit to help you figure out what can be done for your mouth.
Amalgam options are still viable options and safe in dental procedures. Some amalgam contains trace amounts of mercury, but there is no current evidence to suggest that this poses a risk of harm.
Your dentists in Oakville will gladly discuss your options with you and provide more information on amalgam-free dentistry. You can contact us today or request an appointment online. Our office is located on Cornwall Rd. to provide you with a convenient location to serve your oral health.
Last Updated On 2019-06-19