Gallery The Tooth Fairy Dentistry Oakville, ON

        Our Office gallery will take you on a virtual tour of our practice where you can take a look at our welcoming reception area, operatories, and common areas.

        Our dental clinic in Oakville did not always look so good as it does now.  As most business, we started on a very low budget and slowly grew towards achieving a more comfortable ambiance.  In the beginning, we had the basics and yet a very technological approach to treatment.  We invested on a very high end state of the art computer system with one of the best digital radiographic program in the industry, which is Dexus, together with paperless charts powered by the dental software Dentrix.  In addition to the high end technology around the equipment, we also focused on the architectural design which involves high ceilings, illuminated chandeliers and high storage area.

      With time, we added to the decor.  There are informative pictures about dental whitening, dental braces, dental aligners and dental implants. Leaving the walls white and light baby blue, we added with a LED TV, coffee, teas, complimentary water, scents, candles and a water fountain.  Then there was the multiple decor vinyls installed on the windows and flowers placed outside.  This is all a reminder of a tropical and magical atmosphere which we feel comfortable about having around.  Fairies and wolves are at our counter tops, pictures of smiles, and magazines, of course.  The air conditioning is always on, and in the winter time, the heat is always on.  We are here approximately 40 hours per week, then why not work in a very pleasant area?  And, above it all, we want the patients to feel comfortable and enjoy our facilities.  It is our goal in the future to also have massage dental chairs, so that you can enjoy a massage while having your dental hygiene appointment being done.  It is also our goal to slowly work towards dim lighting, so as to be more relaxing.  Strong lighting is not that necessary as the dentists work in loops which themselves have their lighting attached.  Talking about lighting, let's not forget the chandeliers we mentioned above; they are beautiful crystal drops of approximately one meter each.

        The Tooth Fairy Dentistry and its team is proud today to work and provide services in a very comfortable environment.  We aim at continuing to grow and excel, and hopefully in time there will be more dental clinics with our name.  That we will not know until the future comes and you let us know whether you are satisfied with our services.  We would like to always bring to you the best that we can, because we are here to serve you.  The only item you will not find is your personal television in every room, simply because the dentist does not enjoy television very much.  We would much rather take pictures to get involved with oral health, and the screens for theses pictures are in every room in each of the operatories.  However, even though there is no television, there is always the radio, IPad, or you tube videos selected for view.

Last Updated On 2019-05-22